Legendary Indie Music Promoter Henry Stone Passes Away

Legendary Indie Music Promoter Henry Stone Passes Away

Henry Stone was one of the leaders in the indie music scene.

One of the men who has been instrumental in the career of producer and DJ Chris Diodati has passed away.

Indie music pioneer Henry Stone, who has been a fixture in the record industry for decades, passed away last week in South Florida. He was 93.

Stone was a leading promoter, manufacturer, and distributor of independent music for decades. In the 1970s he led TK Records, the label that brought George McCrae’s ‘Rock Your Baby’ to audiences.

Even in his later years, Stone was a leader in the music industry. He counted many music legends among his friends, and was still influencing a new generation of musical talent. Producer Chris Diodati has cited Henry Stone as his inspiration for coming to South Florida and launching his own career in the music business. Diodati has fortunate enough to work with the legendary Stone at HOT Production to create ‘Dio & Stone vs. James Brown,’ which climbed the Billboard dance charts to #6.

Diodati has landed a Juno Award nomination from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) for his remix of Ray Charles’ Walkin’ and Talkin’, and he has also worked with the sounds of contemporary artists like Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, and Deborah Cox.

Diodai is also a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). He is also a member of the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), and the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency, Ltd. (CMRRA).

‘Catch the Rhythm’ is the latest single from noted producer and DJ Chris Diodati, who has built a reputation on bringing the hottest sounds to dance floors and clubs in the United States and Europe.

The Nu Disco sound has already been generating excitement on both sides of the Atlantic. The new sound is drawing people into the clubs and onto the dance floor with driving beats and new grooves for a new audience.

‘Catch the Rhythm’ is an exciting addition to the Nu Disco sound, and it is already available on iTunes and on dance floors everywhere. It is part of the new sound that is defining this Nu Disco vibe.

Congratulations to the Grammy Winners!

Leading music producer and remix producer Chris Diodati extends congratulations to all the winners at Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Producer Chris Diodati specializes in producing and writing dance music, and remixing songs by artists from various genres, turning them into hit dance tracks. The Grammy for “Best Remixed Recording” went to Cedric Gervais for his remix of “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey.

Christopher Diodati, also known by aliases like Diomix, Dio, Christian Dio and Christian Diodati, has remixed songs by many big musical names, including James Brown, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Ciara, Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys, who won the Grammy for “Best R&B Album.”

Look up “Chris Diodati producer” on YouTube to hear some of the artist’s remixes.

Dance Music Becoming More Popular

According to some commentators, “dub step” may re-emerge as a prominent style of dance music this year, and electronic dance music may become more mainstream in American society. The popularity of some acts, namely Daft Punk and Avicii, has helped to broaden the appeal of dance music. Remix producers like Chris Diodati may benefit as dance music appeals to a larger audience here in the United States and around the world. Diodati, a Canadian songwriter, music producer, remix producer and DJ, has released a number of hit remixes that made it onto the Billboard dace chart, including remixes of songs by Deborah Cox, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston and Angie Stone.  The producer has also released remixes of songs by the likes of James Brown, Jamie Foxx, Ciara, Alicia Keys and Monica. The producer, also known by names like Christian Dio, Christian Diodati, Dio and Diomix, has proven success as a remix producer and as a DJ, having performed live at prominent events and clubs in Italy, Britain, the United States and Canada.

Success as Both a Remix Producer & DJ

With both his work as a DJ and a remix producer, producer Chris Diodati has demonstrated his ability to entertain music fans and get them dancing. The artist, who has also released original music, has turned songs by many artists into dance hits with his remixes. Christopher Diodati has stated that he plans to remix more songs by music legends like Ray Charles and James Brown in the near future. Diodati’s 2006 remix of “Walkin’ & Talkin’” by Charles earned widespread praise and garnered the producer a nomination for a Juno Award. He previously remixed the Brown classic “Soul Brotha #1.”

Find out more about Diodati online by Googling his name and similar searches like “Chris Diodati producer,” “Chris Diodati DJ” and “DJ Chris Diodati.”

Follow Chris Diodati’s Blogs and on Social Media for News About the Producer

Follow Chris Diodati's Blogs and on Social Media for News About the Producer

Chris Diodati (“Dio”) had a hit with his remix of “Walkin’ & Talkin’” by Ray Charles.

Follow producer Chris Diodati on social media and the chart-topping producer’s network of blogs and websites to keep up with the latest news about remixes in the works, other musical projects and upcoming appearances. Chris Diodati, a highly-respected Canadian producer has proven time and again his excellent musical tastes by releasing hit dance remixes of songs by a diverse assortment of recording artists. Also known by aliases like Christian Diodati and Christopher Diodati, the songwriter/remix producer has had hits with songs by Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Angie Stone, Deborah Cox and others.

Diodati, who uses names like Diomix, Christian Dio and Dio, expects to release several remixes in 2014.

Remix Producers Like Chris Diodati Help Enhance Artists’ Popularity

Many recording artists and musicians embrace the work of remix producers like Chris Diodati who remix their songs. Diodati, also known within the music industry by aliases like Diomix, Christian Dio and simply Dio has turned the songs of numerous artists across different genres into dance hits. The producer, songwriter and DJ fuses synthesizers, brass instruments, classic instruments such as violins and other elements to create up-tempo remixes that leave audiences and listeners wanting to hear more. Remixes can help artists’ songs reach new listeners and enhance artists’ popularity.

Producer Chris Diodati has released many well-received remixes by a variety of artists, some of which have charted very highly in the Billboard dance charts. The acclaimed remix producer has remixed songs by many notable pop singers, R&B acts, soul singers, Latin acts and acts in other genres of music. Christopher Diodati’s remixes of the Deborah Cox song “House is Not a Home” and the Angie Stone song “I Wanna Thank Ya” each reached #1 on the Billboard dance chart. Diodati, who also goes by Christian Diodati, also had hits with his remix of Christina Aguilera’s “Candy Man,” “Walkin’ & Talkin’” by Ray Charles, James Brown’s “Soul Brotha #1,” “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, “Get on the Floor” by Michael Jackson, “I Look to You” by Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige’s “Got to be Real” and “Oye Como Va” by Tito Puente, Jr.

To familiarize yourself with the producer and check out samples of some of Diodati’s work, look him up online. Go to a search engine, and try search terms like “Chris Diodati,” “Chris Diodati producer” and “Chris Diodati DJ.”

Diodati also performs as a DJ at events in the United States, Canada and overseas.

Chris Diodati Producer Working to Join the Ranks of the Best-Known DJs

Remixing the music of other artists to give that music a new feel and sound requires technical skills and a fine ear for music. To make it as a remix producer and become successful, as producers like David Guetta, Skrillex, Avicii and Chris Diodati have done, requires producing music that audiences will embrace. Diodati, alternately known by aliases like Dio, Christian Dio, Christian Diodati, Diomix and other names, has released several well-received remixes of stars from musical genres like soul, pop, Latin music, R&B and funk. Although Dio has not yet achieved the acclaim or status of producers like Skrillex, Guetta and Avicii, the DJ has developed a strong reputation for producing hit remixes. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences began awarding Grammy Awards for the “Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical” in 1998.

Check out some of Christopher Diodati’s work by looking online, where readers can find the DJ’s remixes of songs by many artists, including Alicia Keys (“If I Ain’t Got You”), Ciara (“Like a Boy”), Mary J. Blige (“Got to be Real”), James Brown (“Soul Brotha #1”), Ray Charles (“Walkin’ & Talkin’”), the O’Jays (“Backstabbers”), Michael Jackson (“Get on the Floor”) and others. Perform a Google search for terms such as “Chris Diodati,” “Chris Diodati producer” and “Chris Diodati DJ,” and click the Videos tab to find YouTube recordings of many of the producer’s remixes.

Diodati has revealed that he has begun work on remixes of additional songs by music legends Brown and Charles. He will likely release these remixes later this year.

Chris Diodati, Producer and Musician, Featured on the Web

Chris Diodati Producer, an accomplished DJ, remixer and music producer, has significantly raised his online profile, appearing several articles posted across the web as part of a recently launched internet marketing campaign. Diodati has helped music fans across the world discover new music with his catchy remixes of songs by many high-profile musicians, both past and present. The producer, who performs as a DJ around the world, has remixed songs by some of R&B, pop and soul’s biggest names, creating up-tempo dance songs played at clubs, dance festivals, raves and parties around the globe.

Christopher Diodati has announced plans to produce and release another round of remixes of songs by music legends like Ray Charles and James Brown. The producer previously released remixes of songs by each of these artists. Chris Diodati remixed the 1960s-era “Soul Brotha #1” by Brown as well as the 1952 song “Walkin’ & Talkin’” by Charles.

Diodati, also known as Christian Diodati and Christian Dio in the music industry, has published acclaimed remixes of many artists’ songs under numerous names. His remix of “Soul Brotha #1” was published as Dio, as was the Charles remix. The remix expert produced his chart-topping remix of Deborah Cox’s “House is Not a Home,” as well as his #1 remix of “I Wanna Thank Ya” by Angie Stone as Diomix. Dio also has released hit dance remixes of Foxy’s “Get Off,” Ciara’s “Like a Boy,” Christina Aguilera’s “Candy Man,” Jamie Foxx’s “DJ, Playa Love Song,” Mary J. Blige’s “Got to Be Real” and the O’Jays’ “Backstabbers.”

Chris Diodati Proving Himself as a Top Music Producer

Christian “Dio” Diodati One of the Top Remixers

Chris Diodati Proving Himself as a Top Music Producer

Chris Diodati has produced four #1 remixes already in his young career.

With four worldwide #1 Billboard hits to his credit already, producer Chris Diodati has proven his excellent ear for music and skill in crafting pop music hits. Diodati has scored hit records with remixes of songs by a number of different artists from genres such as soul, R&B and hip-hop. Diodati, who also records original music, has demonstrated repeatedly his proficiency in creating appealing and up-tempo music that listeners and music fans have embraced.

Diodati’s work appears on records under various names in his post-production work on pop singers’ and R&B singers’ songs. Some records credit the producer as Christian Dio, Christian Diodati, Diomix, Christopher Diodati or simply Dio. Dio has remixed songs by legendary artists as well as contemporary stars.  Diodati has mixed records by notable artists such as Whitney Houston, Ciara, Mary J. Blige, James Brown, Christina Aguilera, Monica, Fantasia, Ray Charles, Angie Stone and Alicia Keys. Chris Diodati also produces original dance songs.

Diodati Positioned for Further Success

Diodati has positioned himself well in the increasingly prominent genre of remixing, demonstrating the ability to rework slow tunes into upbeat jams and dance hits and to make the work of past music legends pertinent and relevant to new generations of music fans. Artists such as Alicia Keys and Ray Charles do not typically get associated with dance music, but Diomix’s work with their songs, “If I Ain’t Got You” by Keys and “Walkin & Talkin” by Charles, makes the songs up-tempo and danceable. In the year ahead, look for more original music and remixes from this premier producer, remixer, songwriter and DJ.